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Skitchen Banneton Basket

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Specially for European style bread fermentation and molding, product surface will have beautiful geometric figures, concise and lively
Dedicated fermentation rattan baskets, make a circle around the beautiful shape.
Dusted with flour before the rattan basket with rattan baskets, shaping the dough is smooth face down into the final fermentation.

Rattan basket for sourdough bread, the bread finished product to be larger than the actual bowl.Because it is Natural handmade products, so with the smell of the cane itself, A well ventilated place, the taste will slowly decrease.The natural rattan handmade woven, there will inevitably be some of the details of the error and texture asymmetry, each slightly different, may exist on the surface does not affect the use, small gap cannot be avoided, so the pursuit of the perfect buyer, please carefully.

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