Best Cast Iron Pan in Australia

Bake the perfect sourdough everytime

  • Sourdough Cast Iron Bread Pan Regular 42cmx21cm

    This is the perfect pan for baking regular sized sourdough. Our customers are saying that their sourdough bread baking has improved and is giving excellent sourdough results since changing over to this pan. The regular pan is the ideal place to start if you are starting out with baking sourdough bread.

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  • Sourdough Cast Iron Bread Pan Max 39cmx26.5cm

    The Brisbane Sourdough Pan MAX is the ideal pan for baking large round or long loaves of Sourdough and it still fits in standard to smaller sized ovens! Cast iron pans are naturally heavy but the shape and positioning of the handles on the base and lid of both our Brisbane Sourdough Pans make them more manageable than other options on the market.

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  • Cast Iron Pan Accessories

Bake the Perfect Sourdough Everytime in the Skitchen Cast Iron Pan


Everyone knows making Sourdough bread is a long process, so why leave all that time and the baking process to chance?The Cast Iron Pan was intentionally designed to create the perfect environment for your Sourdough to bake…


Skitchen cast iron bread pan is made by hand in Indonesia by a company that has been marking iron products for over 30 years. The design of the Cast Iron Pan (both our regular and max sizes) is perfect for sourdoughs of all shapes and sizes including the popular boules, batards and baguettes.

How to use Skitchen Cast Iron Pan

Raving Reviews

Australian TV presenter, Chef, @fastedmedia

"Now and then you find an idea which changes the way you think about what you love. I came across this incredible invention that will let you bake perfect bread at home. It’s called @skitchenau and best of all it’s Australian designed."

——Fast ED

Youtuber, Baker, Blogger and Writer,@nastikitchen

"Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers."

——Healthy Nasti Kitchen


What is the pan made of?

Iron 90.77%, Carbon 3.8-5.4%, Silicon 2.0-2.2%, Manganese 0.5-0.69%, Sulfur <0.15%, Phosphorus 0.51-1.12%

What are the pan's dimensions?

Regular Pan:
Lid: 420mm x 213mm x 140mm
Base: 320mm x 192mm x 127mm

Max Pan:
Lid: 390mm x 265mm x 137mm
Base: 310mm x 24mm x 125mm

How heavy is the pan?

Regular Pan:
Lid: 3.8kg
Base: 3.4kg

Max Pan:
Lid: 5.4kg
Base: 5kg

How are shipping cost calculated?

We do our best to keep shipping costs down. Shipping is calculated on shipping distance and carrier delivery options. You can calculate shipping costs before entering your payment information.

Can I pick up my pan?

Yes if you would like to come to our offices at 22 Raynham St Salisbury Queensland, you can pick up your order. Our opening hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and please email or call before you come to ensure we have the Pan ready for you when you arrive.

Can I return an item?

The Brisbane Sourdough Pan is meant to last for generations, so we want you to be happy with your purchase. If you an not entirely happy with the product please email us at within 60 days to organise the return of the pan for a full refund of the Purchase price.

Please note you must pay for the pan to be returned to us in the original packaging.