The best pan for Sourdough Bread

The Best Pan for Sourdough Bread is in the Skitchen

If you are perfecting the art of Sourdough baking The Brisbane Sourdough Pan could be your missing ingredient.

After so much testing, trial and error to conquer the art of the perfect Sourdough, I decided to design my own sourdough bread pan. Now, bread baking is so much easier.

The Brisbane Sourdough Pan takes the guesswork out of baking bread – for all levels of bakers. Here is how the design of this bread pan makes it the best pan for Sourdough bread and will help you make an even better Sourdough.

See how the lid, base, handles and shape of this bread pan all work together to help you bake better bread.

Designed to create the perfect environment for baking bread

Cast Iron Lid of Brisbane Sourdough Pan

The steam that is created during the oven-spring period ensures that the surface of your loaf remains moist and expands easily. The lid has been designed to ensure your bread is baked with optimal steam to get the best result.

Sourdough Bread Tools with Cast Iron Base

The shallow based makes it easy for the baker to place dough into the pan without the risk of spilling or getting burnt from the sides of the pan.

Cast Iron Bread Ban with Side Handles

The handles have been strategically designed and positioned to ensure easy and safe opening and closing of the lid. The side handles aid with easy and safe movement to and from the oven.

Shape of Bread Pan creates better Sourdough

Shaping a sourdough for baking is a skill of its own. There are many variations to the form and shape a sourdough can take. With that in mind we designed the depth and width of The Brisbane Sourdough Pan to accommodate any shape of bread, allowing the space for it to expand perfectly during baking.

Bake a Perfect Sourdough Bread with The Brisbane Sourdough Pan

The best pans for Sourdough Bread

What is the best container to bake sourdough bread in?

Sourdough bread tools are gaining popularity. When choosing a bread pan for making bread, it should be baked in a large, deep heat proof or oven safe bowl with a lid. There are 5 types of containers most commonly used for baking sourdough bread:

  1. Dutch Oven
  2. Pot or Casserole Dish with a lid
  3. Glass or Steel Loaf Pan
  4. Baking Steel
  5. Bread Pan

I have found the cast iron bread pan to be the best pan for baking Sourdough because:

  • the cast iron conducts the heat evenly and spreads it well
  • it allows for extreme heat and can be pre-heated empty
  • the shape allows the bread to expand upwards giving a good rise and structure
  • the enclosed cast iron creates the ideal environment of heat and hydration
  • the lid maintains a constant temperature and humidity creating an optimal amount of steam while trapping and controlling the moisture

Are you finding sourdough harder to make than you thought?

The more I bake, the more I fall in love with sourdough. But the road hasn’t been easy. Read about my story as I learn to bake sourdough.

Keen to start baking?

You can buy the Brisbane Sourdough Pan – Regular and Brisbane Sourdough Pan – Max right now, right here. Based in Brisbane we are shipping Australia wide.