Sourdough Bread Baking Supplies

Take your sourdough to the next level!


Regular Sourdough Baking Pan

The perfect pan for baking regular sized sourdough. Our customers are saying that their sourdough bread baking has improved and is giving excellent sourdough results since changing over to a this pan. The regular pan is the ideal place to start if you are starting out with baking sourdough bread.


Large Sourdough Bread Baking Supplies

The MAX Pan is best suited for baking large round or long loaves of Sourdough and it still fits in standard to smaller sized ovens! Cast iron pans are naturally heavy but the shape and positioning of the handles on the base and lid makes it more manageable than other alternatives on the market.

For me, Sourdough is not just bread. It is an art. The oven spring, the rise, the blisters, the ear… all of these are indicators of a good sourdough bread. But it’s not only the aesthetics. Of course, the most important characteristic of an exceptional sourdough bread is in its TASTE.

Sourdough is not just bread. It is an art.

If you can produce all of these traits in your sourdough, you have demonstrated a true baker’s skill by harnessing all aspects of THE PERFECT SOURDOUGH.

After testing out a range of different bread baking supplies to get better results, The Brisbane Sourdough Pan was the last piece of the puzzle and made all the difference in my bread baking.


Works perfectly every time and gives the bread a most beautiful crust.


Brisbane, (Feefo Review)