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Bake the Perfect Sourdough Everytime in the Skitchen Cast Iron Pan

It’s the New Cast Iron Bread Pan Australia!

Everyone knows making Sourdough bread is a long process, so why leave all that time and the baking process to chance?

The Cast Iron Pan was intentionally designed to create the perfect environment for your Sourdough to bake…


Skitchen cast iron bread pan is made by hand in Indonesia by a company that has been marking iron products for over 30 years. The design of the Cast Iron Pan (both our regular and max sizes) is perfect for sourdoughs of all shapes and sizes including the popular boules, batards and baguettes.

Sourdough Bread Baked in Skitchen Pan

Look at who has tried our Cast Iron Pan in their kitchen and what they thought!

I thought the pan was great! A bit larger than the lodge combo cooker that I use. For me the size was great for a larger 850g loaf. It created quite a bit of steam. My first loaf had a huge amount of oven spring. I might adjust my recipe slightly next time I bake in it. Overall the pan was easy to use and a good size. I can’t really see any improvements.

Nick Bennet


I enjoyed using it. The quality feels really good and it does the job!


The beauty and reliability of this piece of equipment is outstanding. Real love at first sight.
Healthy Nasti Kitchen

Youtuber, Baker, Blogger and Writer, @nastikitchen

I was very happy with the outcome, but particularly how easy it was to safely move the pan when hot.


Foodie, Baker, @aggie_K91

It’s a beautiful pan, very aesthetic.
Dario Manca

Head Chef, Rosmarino Brisbane @rosmarinobrisbane

Now and then you find an idea which changes the way you think about what you love. I came across this incredible invention that will let you bake perfect bread at home. It’s called @skitchenau and best of all it’s Australian designed.

Fast Ed

Australian TV presenter, Chef, @fastedmedia

Skitchen Bakers Seasoned Cast Iron Bread Baking Pan 42cmx21cm

Skitchen Bakers Seasoned Cast Iron Bread Baking Pan 42cm*21cm

Skitchen Bakers Seasoned Cast Iron Pan Max 39cmx26.5cm

Skitchen Bakers Seasoned Cast Iron Pan Max 39cmx26.5cm

Sourdough Bread in Skitchen Pan
Perfect Sourdough Baked in Brisbane Pan
Sourdough with Good Crust
Melya Suryanto Sourdough Baker

You Can Perfect the Art of Sourdough

If you are trying to perfect the art of sourdough baking see how the design of the The Brisbane Sourdough Pan helps create the perfect conditions for optimum results. We also take a closer look at cast iron and why we have found it the best container to bake your sourdough bread in.

See Why The Brisbane Pan is the Best

A Skitchen Story – the trials, tantrums and technique

The Brisbane Sourdough Pan was introduced to Australia by Melya Suryanto a Brisbane mum with a passion for baking that quickly turned into a passion for conquering the perfect sourdough. Read Mel’s journey as she experimented with different techniques and bread baking tools only to spend hours and hours preparing, testing and burning… and the birthing of Skitchen!

Thankfully, her’s is a story with a happy ending, a surprising collaboration and successful baking stories and the Insta pics to prove it.

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