The smell of freshly baked sourdough, warm and comforting, is a pleasure that many bread enthusiasts understand. But have you ever thought about adding a twist to your regular sourdough loaves? How about a culinary venture involving the rich and tangy taste of Kalamata olives? It’s an inclusion that not only looks amazing but tastes delightful too.

With Skitchenau Brisbane Sourdough Pan – Max size, achieving that perfect olive-studded sourdough loaf is a breeze. But wait, let’s look at four handy tips you should consider when adding those delicious Kalamata olives to your dough.

1️⃣ Adjusting the Salt

Olives inherently come with a salty taste, so remember to cut back a little on your salt percentage in the recipe. This will ensure that the overall saltiness is balanced and not overpowering.

2️⃣ Draining and Drying the Olives

Soggy olives can affect the texture of your dough, so make sure to drain the olives well and blot them dry with paper towels. This will remove as much brine as possible, keeping your loaf’s texture intact.

3️⃣ Perfect Timing for Inclusion

Whether you are doing your last stretch and fold or laminating your dough, that’s the best time to include the olives. It will ensure even distribution without overworking the dough or crushing the olives.

4️⃣ Shaping and Proving

When shaping your dough, gently push any obvious olives into the dough so they are not poking out of the surface. This ensures an even surface for your loaf and prevents the olives from burning. Then, place it in your proving basket or banneton for that perfect rise.

A Baking Companion – Skitchen Brisbane Sourdough Pan

For the ultimate olive sourdough loaf, nothing beats the Skitchen Brisbane Sourdough Pan – Max size. Designed to provide a consistent baking experience, this pan ensures that your olive sourdough loaf will be cooked to perfection, highlighting those delicious inclusions.

So why not embark on this delightful culinary journey? The Skitchen Brisbane Sourdough Pan is here to make it a joyful and successful experience. With the inclusion of Kalamata olives, your regular sourdough loaf transforms into a savory treat that’s sure to impress.

Remember to Hit SAVE for these tips, and next time you’re in the mood for some baking, let those delicious Kalamata olives inspire you. Happy baking with Skitchen!

  • Skitchen Bakers Seasoned Cast Iron Pan Max 39cmx26.5cmSkitchen Bakers Seasoned Cast Iron Pan Max 39cmx26.5cm

    Skitchen Bakers Seasoned Cast Iron Sourdough Pan Max 39cmx26.5cm